Neues Buch: Personality Matters: The Translator's Personality in the Process of Self-revision

05. Mai 2021

Im Januar dieses Jahres ist das neue Buch „Personality Matters: The Translator’s Personality in the Process of Self-Revision” von Olha Lehka-Paul im Verlag Leuven University Press erschienen. Es bietet interessante Denkansätze, kombiniert Psychologie und Translation. Nachstehend ein Zitat des Abstracts zum Buch:

„The analysis of translated texts and investigations into the cognitive mechanisms involved in the process of translation have been at the core of translation studies so far. Yet Personality Matters ventures into the previously uncharted territories by bringing the translator's inherent psychological and cognitive features into the limelight. Combining psychology and translation studies, this monograph looks into the role of the translator's psychological features in self-revision, the main decision-making activity in translation. This groundbreaking study succeeds in laying bare certain traits in the translator's personality that distinguish him or her from non-translators, and shows that the translator's personality matters in the process of translation, making it an individual journey of trial and error for each translator. The book is of particular topical importance within the burgeoning field of translation studies, for while translation may be ubiquitous in the modern globalised world, the person behind it very often remains unnoticed.”

Und hier der Link zum Verlag: https://lup.be/products/166472